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The latest edition of the Greater London Bus Map is now available. Nostalgic for many, this edition shows the complete list of London bus routes, including the night bus network in map form, and, on the reverse, in route order. It includes all the most recent changes in Carshalton, Sutton and surrounding areas. It is just £2, and is available for so long as our limited stocks last.

Also new to our shelves is this book by Jean Knight charting the history of what is now ​St. Philomena's School. 267pp
<![CDATA[Thames Lighters - bookings now open]]>Fri, 23 Feb 2024 20:13:33 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/thames-lighters-bookings-now-open
Thames Lighters - The workhorses
​of London’s Watery Highway

Thursday 25 July 19:30
Door opens 19:10
A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

A Talk from Alun Thomas, London Canal Museum
Until the early 1960s the River Thames was thronged with vessels of all shapes and sizes bringing goods to London. Of these, lighters were the most numerous although the most insignificant in appearance. They played a vital role in moving cargos from ship to shore and from dock to upriver wharf. These unique vessels had no means of propulsion beyond the ingress and egress of the tide.
Alun will explain how the trade developed and shed light on the life of the lightermen whose skill controlled these barges.

Seats £7 (£6 Members) - refreshments free
To book, please email susan.hoskin@gmail.com or 07721 852378.
<![CDATA[Oil & Water]]>Sat, 17 Feb 2024 20:10:40 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/oil-waterA wonderful ten-minute film that had its premier at Honeywood Museum on Saturday 17 February, 2024.

A significant part of Sutton's living heritage, through the eyes of Carshalton Lavender.
<![CDATA[Hugely over-subscribed last year.....]]>Thu, 25 Jan 2024 21:24:39 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/hugely-over-subscribed-last-year..... we're absolutely delighted that Peter Wakeham has agreed to return and repeat this talk for us. Please do book early this time! Click / tap on the images below for booking details, or download, print and post a booking form from here.
<![CDATA[Wedding Fair at Honeywood Museum]]>Thu, 25 Jan 2024 21:20:16 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/wedding-fair-at-honeywood-museum]]><![CDATA[Our April Talk is now available to book]]>Wed, 03 Jan 2024 21:31:27 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/our-april-talk-is-now-available-to-book
Seats are now available for the first three of our 2024 Talks at Honeywood Museum.

Places for the February and March Talks are already limited, and we expect our April Talk to sell out very, very quickly!

Booking details may be found by clicking / tapping on the relevant image.

Alternatively, there is a booking Form available from HERE. Just download, print, complete and post.

To be kept up to date with all that is happening at Honeywood Museum, please do join The Friends, and enjoy our quarterly Newsletters and copies of What's On at Honeywood Museum posted to your home address, and become involved in the wonderful heritage history of Carshalton and its surrounding areas.​
<![CDATA[Christmas & New Year closure]]>Wed, 20 Dec 2023 17:28:50 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/christmas-new-year-closure]]><![CDATA[What's On at Honeywood Museum - Winter 2023/4]]>Wed, 29 Nov 2023 13:05:58 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/whats-on-at-honeywood-museum-winter-20234The Winter 2023/4 edition of What's On at Honeywood Museum is  available from the Museum Shop! It's FREE, but a donation would be hugely appreciated to help us cover the cost of production.

Lots of great information for December, January and February to pop into your 2023 diaries and calendars!
<![CDATA[Frost Fair at Honeywood - 2 December 13:00-18:00]]>Sat, 25 Nov 2023 22:22:10 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/frost-fair-at-honeywood-2-december-1300-1800]]><![CDATA[Friends' Talks February & March 2024 - Bookings Open!]]>Thu, 23 Nov 2023 20:21:17 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/friends-talks-february-march-2024-bookings-open
Visit our Events page for all the details, and how to book.
<![CDATA[The Friends of Beddington Park - Monday 20 November]]>Tue, 14 Nov 2023 23:12:04 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/the-friends-of-beddington-park-monday-20-november
The Friends of Beddington Park have an open meeting on Monday 20 November, 19:30 at The Grange, London Road, Wallington SM6 7BT. It will feature a talk from our well-known local historian John Phillips entitled 'The History of mint, lavender and watercress in the Wandle area'. FREE ENTRY. Doors open 19:00. No booking required.

​Do pop along and support a fine, friendly and active, neighbouring Friends’ Group.
<![CDATA[The Magic of Cyanotype (Threads of Light)]]>Tue, 31 Oct 2023 16:45:29 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/the-magic-of-cyanotype-threads-of-light
Saturday 11 November

Experiment with the magic of Cyanotype Photography, a camera-less technique that involves laying an object on paper coated with a solution and then exposing it to UV light and washing with water to create beautiful blue tinted images.

Find out more on our Events page.
<![CDATA[Magical Zoetropes: Let’s Make Victorian Animations]]>Mon, 30 Oct 2023 19:23:02 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/magical-zoetropes-lets-make-victorian-animations
Saturday 18 November

Discover the magic of the zoetrope, a Victorian toy that inspired the creation of motion pictures, and make your own! At this interactive family day, you can view zoetropes in motion, create a mini zoetrope to take home and draw animation strips that bring your pictures to life.

Find out more on our Events page.
<![CDATA[Autumn's What's On & our Autumn Raffle]]>Sat, 30 Sep 2023 20:18:59 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/autumns-whats-on-our-autumn-raffleClick on the images to reveal more!
<![CDATA[What's On at Honeywood Museum - Summer 2023]]>Mon, 29 May 2023 10:13:59 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/what-on-at-honeywood-museum-summer-2023The Summer 2023 edition of What's On at Honeywood Museum is  available from the Museum Shop! It's FREE, but a donation would be hugely appreciated to help us cover the cost of production.

Lots of great information for June, July and August to pop into your 2023 diaries and calendars!
<![CDATA[The Friends' forthcoming talks in 2023]]>Tue, 23 May 2023 22:24:00 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/the-friends-forthcoming-talks-in-2023A rich and varied diet! Click on the pic for a larger image, or visit our Events page and get scrolling for all the details!
<![CDATA[Emergency Alert Sunday 23 April 15:00]]>Tue, 18 Apr 2023 20:45:49 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/emergency-alert-sunday-23-april-1500Please do make those who may be unaware know of this to avoid concern.
<![CDATA[Our Garden Project resumes in 2023]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2023 20:06:31 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/our-garden-project-resumes-in-2023Our ongoing project to restore the Gardens at Honeywood resumed today after an autumn and early winter break. Read the latest from our Garden Blog HERE.
<![CDATA[The latest news from Carshalton Old Rectory Association]]>Tue, 03 Jan 2023 23:53:55 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/the-latest-news-from-carshalton-old-rectory-associationCORA's latest Newsletter, Issue 44 dated January 2023, may be read here.

Have you considered joining CORA, and lending you support to keeping this wonderful Grade II* building for future generations to enjoy and learn from within the wonderful Carshalton Conservation Area? Find out more here, before it's too late.
<![CDATA[New What's On now available from our Museum Shop]]>Tue, 03 Jan 2023 23:51:24 GMThttp://friendsofhoneywood.co.uk/latest-news/new-whats-on-now-available-from-our-museum-shop1193282]]>