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Transport in the 1960s
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1962 - winter

Two 4-EPB units make their way from Sutton towards Carshalton Beeches in the snow of 1962. The 06 headcode indicates that the train originally left Holborn Viaduct and has travelled to Sutton by way of Wimbledon is to end its journey at West Croydon, now just just four stops further on. Holborn Viaduct closed in January 1990 when City Thameslink station opened on the sub-surface line that linked north and south London.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1962 - winter

Taken from the same vantage point as the photograph above, namely the Kings Lane bridge, two somewhat older 4-SUB units are about to pass. The headcode 84 inform us that the train has travelled from Epsom Downs, and will travel by way of West Croydon and Streatham Common to Victoria.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1963 - March

The extreme winter of 1963 lefts it mark on the Borough's infrastructure. Here we see Carshalton Road, where the lengthy spell of sub-zero temperatures has damaged and eroded the tarmacadam road surface to reveal, for the first time in over 30 years, the old tram lines below.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1963 - Whitsun?

Ex-London Transport AEC Q69 running south towards Sutton through the leafy cutting of Angel Hill. The occasion was the 1963 London to Brighton Commercial Vehicle Run. The Q-type buses were among the first to have an engine below the floor - you can make out the engine ventilation grills on the side behind the driver's cab. This allowed a full front body, rather than the then more familiar 'half cab', as seen in the next picture. Q69 entered service in 1935, and retired in 1952. As seen it was fitted with a wheelchair ramp, toilet and washing facilities for Gravesend Old People's Association. It was subsequently acquired for restoration and preservation in 1966, but it is believed that only the chassis remains preserved today. Click HERE for some wonderful footage of the vehicle immediately after retirement.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1963 - Whitsun

Preserved T219 dates from 1931, and was one of a batch acquired new for London Transport for Green Line work. From 1936 to 1946 it was converted by London Transport to act as a staff ambulance, before returning to more mundane bus duties. It was eventually withdrawn from service in 1950, and remains today preserved and restored by London Transport in as-new condition. The London to Brighton Commercial Vehicle Run ran through Sutton for the last time in 1963.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1963 - Whitsun?

A glorious picture of London General Omnibus Company's wonderfully preserved K424 climbing Angel Hill. There is another fine picture of this vehicle from Mike Morant's collection to be found
HERE. The K-type appeared in London from 1919 to 1926, and the class was the first to move away from horse-bus designs in placing the driver beside the engine rather than behind it. This vehicle remains preserved in full running order by the London Transport Museum. The London to Brighton Commercial Vehicle Run is still organise annually by the Historic commercial Vehicle Society.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1963 - late

Taken from the photographer's back garden in Mulgrave Road, this early colour picture shows what was almost certainly the last steam hauled goods train to work through Sutton. The U class locomotive, number 31616, was built in Brighton and entered service in September 1928, and lasted until June 1964 when it was withdrawn from service and scrapped.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1964 - 5th July

The Locomotive Club of Great Britain's 'The Surrey Wanderer' rail tour of 5th July 1964 used British Railways class 2MT 78038 for part of the day. The locomotive is seen here leaving Sutton having visited Epsom Downs. More about the tour may be found

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1966 - 5th June

Bulleid 'Battle of Britain' class locomotive 34089 '602 Squadron' powers towards Carshalton Beeches on its journey to Epsom Downs. The occasion was the Surrey Counties Touring Society's 'Surrey Rambler' excursion on 5th June 1966, full details of which may be found

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1966 - 5th June

A second view of the engine in the above photograph. Both these pictures were taken from the recreation ground in Woodfield Avenue.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1966 - 5th June

Having reached it's destination at Epsom Downs, where the engine has run round its train, 34089 is now seen hauling its train tender first back towards Carshalton Beeches, having just passed through Sutton, and then onwards to its final destination of the day, Victoria station.

Picture Copyright The Mike Morant Collection

1968 - 22nd April

A Scholars Ticket issued by London Transport to John Parkin, aged 17, whilst attending Carshalton County Secondary School

Picture Copyright The John Parkin Collection

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