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KS1 Change Through Time


We introduce the group to primary source material and everyday historical terms in this hands-on session that helps your group explore and understand past and present. The session uses a mixture of museum collection objects, replicas and photographs to help your group.

·         We give an interactive talk about a family that once lived in the area by following their family tree from the 1800s to the present day.

·         Your group will also discover the Victorian scullery and Edwardian Billiard room where we will discuss the changes that have occurred and

encourage the students to compare this with their own modern lives.
We have found this is a great way to see how Honeywood has changed from its Victorian past to present day.

·         We also have wearable costumes the children can wear while on their visit.

KS2 Change Through Time Victorian


Truly discover Victorian life at Honeywood Museum with this hands-on session that helps your group understand the Victorian home. We use museum objects, census documents, photographs, replica items and conversation.

·         Introductory talk and group discussion about the Victorian era and the Victorian era in Carshalton


·         Honeywood and its families, we look at the people who once lived here during the Victorian era, The Phillips family who owned a snuff mill in

Carshalton, William Hale White who was an artist and writer who wrote about Honeywood and the Kirks who are the last to live in the house.


·         Children's guided tour into a few relevant rooms. Designed specially to help your groups understand how John Patterson Kirk who lived at

Honeywood between 1878 and 1913 might have used these rooms before it was a museum.


·         We deliver an object handling session with a mixture of museum collection and replica items, we discuss who might have used these items from

the Victorian/Edwardian era, John Paterson Kirk, Leah Kirk, Lily Kirk's or Sarah Coombs we will talk about how and why it is important to keep these primary sources.

Extras at Honeywood Museum

Once you have finished your chosen school session. You can stay at the museum at no extra cost to explore all the different rooms, such as our Victorian scullery and childhood room.  You can also request extra activities free of charge with your paid school session booking:

- iPad missions

- Change through time, historical toys

You will need to book onto these activities so that we can have these ready for your trip. You work in groups run by you and your teaching assistants as these are self-led activities, sometimes we do have volunteers that can help you on your way round.

Need somewhere to have lunch?

Let us know and we can check our availability for a lunch room for your class free of charge with your booking.

Fancy some fresh air?

Let us know if you would like to have information of local historical sights that your class can go see. We can give you a selection of photographs of the local high street and you can stand in the right spots to see how much this has changed through time.

Loan Boxes

Loan boxes are available free of charge. Schools are responsible for collecting and returning loan boxes.

Change through time toys

Perfect for KS1.

Help your group understand what ‘past’ might mean when comparing their own modern toys with these historic toys in your loan box.

The contents of this box are playable/handleable items such as Hoopla, cup and bull, jacob's ladder and more.

We have included include two museum artefacts: A box of handmade toy sheep from the 1800s and a ‘build it’ game from the 1950s. The museum items are not to be played with but are handleable.


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