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To join The Friends of Honeywood Museum or renew an existing Membership click HERE


Membership enquiries to Tony Price, our Membership Secretary, may be made through our Contact page

The Friends of Honeywood Museum
Registered Charity No. 1067131

We are a charity formed to raise funds to support the work of the staff at Honeywood Museum and to encourage as many people as possible to take an interest in our local history.

We help to pay for many items; for Sutton's heritage collections, for the Museum's collection and for Events at the Museum
We publish books that offer a wide-ranging insight into local history
We produce a selection of popular greetings cards that reflect our heritage, and that of Carshalton and surrounding areas
We sell popular publications, including historical maps, that give an insight into the history of the area
We have a friendly Book Club that meets regularly
We organise talks and events throughout the year that are associated with both our local history and other interests
We publish regular Newsletters and E-Newsletters for our members throughout each year
We offer our Volunteers a huge range of activities that involves them in the working and development of the Museum
We receive our funding from membership subscriptions, donations, sales of merchandise and publications, and events
YOU? We would love you to join us, support our wonderful Museum and help increase awareness of our local heritage

Membership of the Friends gives you a 10% discount on purchases of all items not produced by the Friends from the Museum's shop on production of a valid membership card, as well as discounted ticket prices to most of the Friends’ and the Museum's events.

The current Subscriptions are:

£7.00 for single membership per annum       £11.00 for a family (up to 2 adults and 2 children) per annum
£30.00 for group membership (up to six people from the same group/establishment) per annum

The members of the committee are:

Chairman: Sue Kelsall, MBE
: Lucy Kelsall
: Chris Cartwright
Membership Secretary
: Tony Price
Talks Organiser: Susan Hoskin

Committee Members
: Margo Cartwright, Jo Corkett, Jeannette Crosier, Steve Morris, John Phillips
Co-opted Member: Elizabeth Price

You can contact us: by post to The Friends of Honeywood Museum, Honeywood Museum, Honeywood Walk, Carshalton SM5 3NX
or by email through our Contact page on this Web site


A Special Easter Offer from Honeywood's Shop

Saturday 1st to Sunday 30th April ONLY

The Oaks - Volumes 1 & 2

Was £39.90 Now £29.90 (Or..... buy one, get one half price!)

Both volumes of Paul Williams' definitive history of The Oaks will be available for this limited period with 25% OFF when purchased together from the Museum's Shop

We regret that we do not have the facilities to take cheques of credit/debit cars in the Shop

Honeywood Book Club

Sunday 7th May 2.30-4.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

This month's book:
  A Very British Murder
Lucy Worsley

Admission and refreshments free

Please bring a copy of the book with you

If you are interested in joining, please contact Sue Kelsall on 020 8241 5679 or

The Friends of Honeywood Museum - Annual General Meeting

Thursday 25th May 7.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

Open to Friends of Honeywood Museum only

John Phillips will give a talk after the business of the AGM entitled A 'fair house (or palace rather) at Beddington'

The present building at Carew Manor is probably only a small part of the Tudor house and, apart from the hall roof, all the interior has gone. What was the house really like in the Tudor period? The talk will seek an answer to this question

Honeywood Mini Explorers - William Morris

day 31st May 11am-1pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

Aimed at children aged 6-10 years

We will look at who William Morris was, copy one of his designs and then create individual designs and print them using traditional printing methods (polystyrene block covered in printing ink and then pressed on to paper)

FREE, but must be pre-booked on 020 8770 4297

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Donations will be very welcome

Honeywood Book Club

Sunday 11th June 2.30-4.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

This month's book:
  The Red House Mystery
A.A. Milne

Admission and refreshments free

Please bring a copy of the book with you

If you are interested in joining, please contact Sue Kelsall on 020 8241 5679 or

The Great Unwatched - Wit and 'Wisdom' on the Radio

Thursday 22nd June 7.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood
Museum Event

Broadcaster Bob Sinfield affectionately nibbles the hand that fed him for 35 years: the radio

Tickets are £4.50 (£3.50 Friends)

Please phone 020 8642 4778 to book


Saturday and Sunday 8th/9th July 10am to 5pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

Steve Day, Magician (Saturday) - Pauline’s Puppets/Magic (Sunday)

Throughout the weekend there will be drop in crafts, sand pits and beach toys, traditional side shows and games : traditional side shows include Coconut shy, Hook a Duck, Ball in Bucket, Flip a Frog, Lucky Dip : Small charge for side shows, and the chance to win a small prize

More events to be announced!


Honeywood Book Club

Sunday 9th July 2.30-4.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

This month's book:
  The Rejected Writers' Book Club
Suzanne Kelman

Admission and refreshments free

Please bring a copy of the book with you

If you are interested in joining, please contact Sue Kelsall on 020 8241 5679 or


Carshalton Charter Fair

Saturday 15th July

The Friends' Gazebo will be up and running with all sorts of delightful gifts and children's games throughout the day - more details nearer the time

Victorian Leisure – and Pleasure!

Thursday 27th July 7.

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

illustrated talk from Ian Bevan, City of London Guide and Lecturer, looking at the many and varied ways in which the Victorians enjoyed themselves

The Victorians were the first to organise leisure time and leisure activities. This talk illustrates the many and varied ways in which Victorians enjoyed themselves, including family sing-songs, walks in the park, going to the seaside and of course the appreciation of theatre and all forms of music

Tickets are £4.50 (£3.50 Friends)

Please phone 020 8642 4778 to book


Environmental Fair

Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

The Friends' Gazebo will be up and running with all sorts of delightful gifts and children's games throughout the event in Carshalton Park- more details nearer the time.

Pre-Raphaelite Painters & Poets

Thursday 28th September 7.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

This illustrated talk by Pete Smith, London City Walks

Pete traces the development of a movement that revolutionized the nineteenth-
century art scene and initially scandalized conventional Victorian society. While concentrating primarily on the paintings and writings of the Pre-Raphaelites, it will also deal with the colourful lives of the artists who produced them, and tell stories of drug abuse, sexual intrigues, suicide and even gruesome graveyard goings-on

Tickets are £4.50 (£3.50 Friends)

Please phone 020 8642 4778 to book

Is Sutton Part of Black History?

Thursday 26th October 7.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event
for Black History Month

We offer a very 'warm welcome' back to Sean Creighton, independent historian of slavery, abolition and British Black history, for another illustrated talk detailing many little known aspects of Sutton's black history

The baptism in Sutton on 15th April 1677 of John Sango, ‘a Moor’, in Sutton is a reminder that Africans and people of African descent have been living and working in Britain for centuries. Most came here because of Britain’s involvement in the slavery business and colonialism. As across the rest of the country there were many involved in the slavery business and then colonialism who lived or had family connections with Sutton. Sean will discuss these connections and the lives of the people involved

Tickets are £4.50 (£3.50 Friends

Please phone 020 8642 4778 to book

Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession

Thursday 23rd November 7.30pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum Event

We are delighted to once again welcome back the renowned local author Alison Weir to Honeywood Museum

Fresh from the sophisticated palaces of Burgundy and France, Anne draws attention at the English court, embracing the play of courtly love. But when the King commands, nothing is ever a game. She has a spirit worthy of a crown – and a crown is what she seeks.  And so she embarks on her perilous course, which will plunge a kingdom into turmoil.

Alison Weir weaves new research and theories into the dark, powerful tale of Henry VIII’s second wife - a woman ahead of her time, who dared to question traditional concepts of femininity, and whose ambition drove her to gamble with the fickle nature of a dangerous king.

Mulled wine and mince pies included in the ticket price!

Tickets are £6 (£5 Friends)

Please phone 020 8642 4778 to book

Carshalton Frost Fair

Saturday 2nd December 1-6pm

A Friends of Honeywood Museum & Ecolocal Event

Event details will be confirmed nearer the time


Some acquisitions purchased by the Friends for the Museum for the Museum's collection

The Marion Chair

At the beginning of October 2014 The Friends were contacted by an antique furniture dealer about his acquisition of what he described as an oak Hall chair. He noticed that the chair was stamped Marion & Co, the leading photographic supply company of the late Victorian period, and whose managing partner John Pattison Kirk created and lived in the Honeywood we know today. He wondered if as well as the photographic business, Marion & Co also stamped furniture at their Soho premises.

The answer seems to be in the books published by Marion & Co in the late 19th century, in which they refer to providing a bespoke service to equip and furnish home studios for their clientele. As Marion & Co did not trade in furniture it seems evident that this chair was part of their studio range of accessories.

The committee of The Friends thought the Studio chair would make a fine addition to our Marion collection and after a helpful and fruitful negotiation with the dealer, the chair was acquired and is now at Honeywood, and may be found in the Billiards Room.

'Robert Burra of Carshalton' - artist unknown

'A chance discovery by Jane Howard, the curator of Honeywood Museum, resulted in the Friends of Honeywood acquiring for the museum a portrait of Robert Burra of Carshalton. It is a sensitive oil on canvas, dating from circa 1790. There are very few portraits of local characters from the past in the borough’s art collection, so the painting marks an important find.

Burra set up a textile business with Thomas Rowlandson, in Watling Street, London, near St Paul’s. They were known and traded as Manchester Warehousemen, a term given to those who traded in cotton goods and calico.

Robert probably chose to raise his family in Carshalton because the village was a most desirable suburb for city businessmen and merchants. Although Carshalton and the Wandle were renowned for their calico enterprises, this was probably not an important factor in his choice. You can see two monuments to members of the family in All Saints Church, Carshalton.

This picture is on display in the Carshalton Village Room.

'Olympic Celebrations' - John Stillman

'Bought by the Friends for Honeywood, this charming painting by John Stillman of 2012 Olympics celebration. The painting shows the elegant Swan stage on the pond with Honeywood in the background.

We can’t think of a better way to commemorate such a special occasion than with this painting which the Friends bought for Honeywood Museum.

The picture hangs in the hallway between the Billiards Room and the Drawing Room.

The Marion 'Perfection' Full-Plate Camera

The Marion display is to be found in the Billiards Room.

In the mid nineteenth century the science of photography was taking huge steps forward and beginning to have an impact on everyday lives.

One of the great pioneers in the field of imaging was the firm of Marion & Co. founded by Augustin Marion in the early 1840s. From 1846 their premises were in Regent Street before moving to much larger facilities in Soho Square, where a long association saw 22 & 23 Soho Square evolve into the home of modern photography.

In the twentieth century, amalgamations and the development of the business saw Marion evolve into the Ilford photographic empire and ultimately Rank.......
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In Memoriam

Paul Williams
1946 - 2016
A Tribute
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Peter Davalle 1925-2013
A Tribute
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Joan Davalle 1926-2011
A Tribute
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Stan Coleman 1933-2010
A Tribute
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Unless stated otherwise, all words and pictures are Copyright © The Friends of Honeywood Museum 2006 - 2017

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