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Carshalton in Paint

Now showing - Closes Sunday 9 July

An exhibition of work from the Borough’s Museum Collection looking at Carshalton Village, a special place which has drawn artists to it over time

Carshalton Place , (the house and orangery with All Saints Church behind it). The view looks across Carshalton Park with the stream flowing from the grotto Carshalton Church in Surrey in 1754 This is a charmingly naive painting of All Saints Church which overlooks Carshalton Ponds by an unknown artist Carshalton Ponds by Fred Yates


This exhibition is scheduled to accompany the first Carshalton Artists Open Studios event in June and July

We are delighted to already have in stock a range of cards + envelopes featuring the work of a number of local artists. The images below are just a small selection of the cards that are available from Honeywood's Shop - please do call in to see the full range

Helena Vaughan
John Stillman
Abel Kesteven







The Freemasons Tercentenary Celebration Travelling Exhibition

Wednesday 9 - Sunday 20 August

The origins of Freemasonry go back over 2000 years, the Masonic ceremonies have remained unchanged so naturally the history is very interesting. As Freemasonry grew it needed to become properly organised, thus in 1717 the first Grand Lodge was formed from four independent Lodges. They met in the Goose and Gridiron tavern in St. Paul’s Churchyard, London. Freemasonry continued to grow and in 1723 a rule book was written called The Book of Constitutions, it still exists virtually unchanged and is widely used today. In 1813, various factions came together and the United Grand Lodge of England came into being.

The exhibition will provide an insight to the 300-year-old history and that of Surrey freemasonry which is 180 years old and an opportunity to learn more of what Freemasonry does locally.



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