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The 2012 Olympic Torch Relay - Honeywood, 23rd July 2012

Carshalton came alive with people lining the streets, stalls from local community groups and activities on the day the Olympic Torch relay passed through the village. The following pictures offer a little taste of the occasion.

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All images and text on this page are Copyright The Friends of Honeywood Museum
and Paul Williams *Elizabeth Price **Jane Howard ***Steve Morris

** Building the stage - a series of pictures.....
** ..... showing the construction of the stage.....
** ..... on Carshalton's Upper Pond
** The Swan was built by Carshalton Pantomime Company.....
** ..... as a focus for the stage.....
** .....which it did in spectacular style!
** A Swan appears on Carshalton's Coat of Arms, making the construction a most fitting emblem for the occasion and the venue

A swan to remember

Yarnbombed again - thanks guys!! Great stuff!! The Woolly Coven of Carshalton make
their mark once more - Wanda rides again!
From onboard the Swan The Mayor opens the celebrations Where is he going!!??
A 157 diverted along Pound Street and back up Ruskin Road prior to the torch arriving Another bus that once saw service in Malta He's behind you!
** Crowds opposite The Greyhound,..... ** ..... outside Honeywood..... ** ..... and in Honeywood Walk
** The view from Honeywood shows..... ** ..... the gathered crowds waiting for a..... ** ..... passing glimpse of the Olympic Torch
First clear view of Malcolm Mcfarlane! He's waving to me! Lost in the cheering!
*** An expectant crowd by Carshalton War Memorial watch the entertainment, and see the start of the relay
*** Any moment, any moment, and HERE HE COMES!!!
*** Terrific close up pictures taken by Steve Morris as Malcolm Macfarlane runs past All Saints.....
**** ..... and Carshalton's Upper Pond, and on towards Honeywood Museum
*** And that's it folks!! Paul Williams looks mightily relieved as he takes well earned time out in the Friends gazebo!!
Nearly at The Greyhound Now there's a new view of Honeywood! A picture of happiness!
* Almost surreal! * The Swan basking in the early morning sun * What a delightful image of Honeywood
* Nowhere to hide! * John Phillips putting the bunting up, as are ..... .....* Steve Morris and Jane Howard
* Honeywood adorned and..... .....* so patriotic! * Only exactly 499?!!!
* Jane, with Pat and Mike Bale venture close * Steve Morris... chilling! * Maisie gets a ride
Join the Friends of Honeywood Museum
* Shirley Williams and Mike have crept on board   * Shirley & Paul Williams - calm before the storm!
* Tony Price and his mobile Swan picture * The Memorial Gardens getting into gear * The crowds gather in front of The Greyhound
* John Stillman arrives to say hello * All Saints Choir open the entertainment..... .....* followed by the Gary Mason Drummers
* Bottoms up!! * Crowds gather at the War Memorial * Last minute orders
* Mayor Sean Brennan opens the day * Steve slouches casually in the shade * Here they come!!
* No mistaking the destination! * At last!! * Nearly gone!!!!!
* New Olympic sport: pedestrians v. the traffic * The pedestrians seem to have won! * Olympic torch-making in the Museum
* Laurel wreaths as well..... .....* in a busy day in The Activities Room * Thanks to the St. John Ambulance Brigade

All images and text on this page are Copyright The Friends of Honeywood Museum
and Paul Williams, *Elizabeth Price, **Jane Howard and ***Steve Morris

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