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The Oaks information boards - July 2012

In the Summer of 2009 The Friends of Honeywood Museum were closely involved in the initial excavation of the mansion house at Oaks Park; once the racing seat of Lord Edward Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, after whom the great Epsom races were named.

The Friends excavated the outline of the house and this was marked out in chalk lines by the Borough's Parks Dept. The current 19th Earl of Derby paid a visit to the site of his ancestor's house, planted a memorial Oak tree and presented an example of the famous Stanley black and white racing colours to the Borough. These are now proudly displayed in the newly refurbished Honeywood Museum.

One thing was lacking and that was information in the park telling the story of the great house and some of its occupants.

Local historians and Friends members Paul Williams and John Phillips created the text and artwork to fill 5 information panels within the park. Now after a long delay these were installed on the 10th July 2012 and bring life once again to the story of The Oaks.

Paul has already written one book about the great social gathering at The Oaks in 1774 to celebrate Lord Stanley's engagement to Lady Betty Hamilton. Now part one of a two part history of The Oaks is due to be published shortly by The Friends of Honeywood Museum. Watch out for further details.
Raising interest straight away!! Basque board - close up A fine addition to Oaks Park
Basque board on south side of the Bakehouse Near the Grotto garden By the lower gate

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