The Friends of Honeywood Museum
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Honeywood Refurbishment 2011/12

The latest pictures, taken by Paul Williams on the the occasion of a site visit by the Friends of Honeywood Committee on 22nd December 2011, show the huge progress that has been made. The building is now virtually fully re-decorated, and ready for fitting in the New Year.
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Committee members, shown around by the Museum's Curator Jane Howard, took an opportunity on 28th September 2011 to see for themselves the state of progress. There is still mush to do of course, but we hope these few pictures give a taste of the 'state of play' in what is a very complex and time-consuming project. The task of refurbishment is steadily moving forward at a gathering pace. Chairman Mike Bale and all the Friends of Honeywood Museum committee are working hard to ensure our views are known at all stages and we look forward to the reopening of our beloved museum; reinvigorated and ready to welcome guests once more in 2012.

Bountiful evidence of work in progress Committee members muse over the shop layout Every step is discussed From the front garden
Glistening new paint on the elaborate cornice and frieze More colourful progress Much discussion  on how to make the most of a treasured view New paintwork makes its mark
The garden room is transformed The original back staircase re-emerges, including wallpaper and stair rods The garden gets attention too What a view

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