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Excavation at Honeywood
Carshalton & District History & Archaeology Society

Day 14 - Sunday 22nd August 2010

Work resumed today. We continued excavating in the north end of the trench to try to find the edge of the gravel fill. We removed the deposits above the gravel which contained nothing apart from a few 17th century finds. We then excavated the north end of the gravel. There were a few finds in the upper part but further down there was nothing and the character of the gravel changed. There were two layers of red iron stain, it was more compact and the flints smaller. This seemed to be water laid gravel in situ rather than re-deposited dump. If so the boundary of the dump is somewhere in the middle of the trench. We plan to excavate this area next weekend (day to be confirmed).

John Phillips

Regrettably, limited resources during the day prevented the taking of pictures to accompany this report

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