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Excavation at Honeywood
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Day 9 - Sunday 18th July 2010

Excavation has continued in trench B where we are working our way down through sand, soil, chalk and clay which was probably dumped in the 18th century possibly to fill a pond or raise the level of the garden. The former is now starting to look more likely than the latter as the deepest part of the trench is only 30 cm (1ft) or so above the bottom of the rectangular pond. If the original ground level was this low it must have been very wet. The date of the fill is supported by some pottery and also several clay pipe bowls. The latter are of type L25 which were current 1700-70, and these look earlier in the range rather than later.

We have also started a trench in a small flower bed where the culvert comes out behind the house. Here we have found the burr brick edging of an earlier plant bed, the gravel surface of a path and part of the foundations of a building which stood here in the mid-19th century.

We have made drawings of the floor and parts of the sides of the rectangular pond.

This was the last day that we planned to excavate but we have still got quite a lot to do including some further excavation in trench B and a lot of recording and finds work. We will therefore work on a few weekend days between now and the end of August. Dates to be announced - watch this Web site for details.

John Phillips

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Unless otherwise stated, all images and text below are Copyright Paul Williams 2010 and Elizabeth Price 2010

The old well head -
Early pipes found by Mike,
dating from c.1700-1750
Mike found
the clay pipes here
John finds more paperwork Mike enthralls his audience John H. changes to the east side of the garden
Features emerge from near the culvert Mike is a mine of information Mike and Steve make good progress
Steve is content and smiling Steve stares into the depths Sue holds the measuring pole with style
Sue's trench now cleaned up The Mulberry's in the way again The end of a long week nears
  Andrew sets his sights  
The above images are copyright Paul Williams - The images below are copyright Elizabeth Price
Jane at work - taken from the window of the early settlement room A very pensive Sue A deposit of sand in trench B. This seems to be dumped fill to make up the height of the garden probably in the 18th century
The walls on the east side of the pond The arch where
the stream enters the garden (when it's flowing)
A tray of interesting finds
A cast iron post holder found in the upper part of trench B. Probably 19th or early 20th century Excavating the garden bed behind the house (trench D) Drawing a portrait perhaps?
The plumb line at work Plotting the plumbs? A hive of activity
  Jane reveals a 'planting trough' over the culvert  


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