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Excavation at Honeywood
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Day 7 - Friday 16th July 2010

There have been two interesting discoveries today.

In trench C we have found the top of a brick culvert running north from the pond towards the channel along Festival Walk to the north of Honeywood. The tithe map of 1847 implies that the there may have been a culvert on this line but this is the first confirmation of it.

The second discovery was in trench B where a wall was found running parallel to the east side of the pond. Further work suggests that the area between this wall and the pond wall is filled with mortar. This suggests that we have one thick wall with a mortar core and brick facing. This is a rather unusual method of construction. The date is still very uncertain but there is a good deal more excavation to do in the trench so hopefully this will become clear.

John Phillips

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Jane points out the features to the council's Coin Beech Derek works on lowering the new trench John works on drawing the section between the outer and newly-discovered wall
Steve becomes a cropper Sue hits bottom! Sue reveals the roof of the bricked-up culvert
Trench C, with the top of the culvert in the foreground
(Picture copyright
John Phillips)
  The exposed chalk just glistens
The above images are copyright Paul Williams - The images below are copyright Elizabeth Price
Colin Beech 'on tour' with Jane The exposed roof of the bricked-up culvert An odd piece of cast iron found where the stream flows into the pond
A colourful visitor Excavation of the new wall by the east side of the pond What on earth is THAT!?
The new wall with its mortar core   Cast iron object found in trench N - it probably held some kind of temporary post and was dumped here as rubbish


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