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Excavation at Honeywood
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Day 6 - Thursday 15th July 2010

We have had another day without dramatic results.

We have opened a new trench B on the east side of the pond. This is to examine the outer side of the pond wall and look for a suspected foundation running eastwards from the side of the pond. The trench is still shallow and in early stages.

We have finished cleaning out the rectangular pond. The excavation of an area of missing chalk blocks at the south end of the pond has continued. The missing blocks seem to have been washed out of place by the stream running through the pond. At some time in the past a line of iron staples has been driven into the gravel to hold the remaining blocks in place.

Work has resumed in trench C but there has been no major finds.

We have decided to stop excavation in trench A as we do not want to remove the pipe running across the centre of it or the remains of the water channel on the west side which leaves little space. There is still recording work to do.

John Phillips

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The team has started the new trench The cascade continues to get Jane's attention Sue measures up
Mud, mud, glorious mud Mike, the Chairman John P. and Steve record progress on the new trench
John H. gets his hands dirty John diligently records It'll take more than sticky-back plastic
The above images are copyright Paul Williams - The images below are copyright Elizabeth Price
Now there's a man happy in his work! Well, I can't fathom that one out Planning frame in place to record trench C. (The frame divides the trench bottom into 10 cm squares allowing it to be drawn to scale)
What a lovely smile! Trays of finds waiting to be washed Chalk block floor of the pond with the east wall on the right. Note the vertical bonding break in the east wall. This could mark the position a wall running east away from the pond a matter being investigated by the new trench B
Gold? Jus' like that! First to blink buys the biscuits
A strange wooden object found in the bed of the culvert Drawn, but awaiting measuring New trench B at the end of the day


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