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Excavation at Honeywood
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Day 5 - Wednesday 14th July 2010

This has been a day of steady progress with few new discoveries. The only major find has been in trench A where the wall along the west side has been identified as the side of an open watercourse which must have been part of the Victorian garden. It seems to have run from a small round pond into the south end of the rectangular pond. At some point in the late 19th or early 20th century it was replaced with a stoneware drain pipe. The watercourse was then filled with clay and a plant bed was partly built over it.

We have now more or less cleared the rectangular pond without any major new finds. This will allow us to open a new trench (B) to examine the back of the wall along the east side of the pond.

John Phillips

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Two Johns surveying Is it curved? This is where water exits from under the house
The sun always shines on John Steve carries on Shirley (left) and Pat take afternoon tea
One impressive grotto More exposure near the round pond New blood for the washing team
Shirley and Mike transfixed! John Horne has boldly removed the curious object - a table! Jane works - the Johns watch!
Jane finds a reason to smile Too wet for ducks Elizabeth's not bothered by the rain


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