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Day 3 - Monday 12th July 2010

Work has continued in the two trenches A and C but today the significant developments have been in the pond (see the photo below). We have continued to clear the chalk block floor which appears to have been laid in two stages as the southern end is much better made than the north. The junction between these areas is still largely covered but we expect to expose this tomorrow.

A small ornamental pond within the pond (C) has been uncovered to the north of the main grotto B. The little pond may date from the 1860s. We currently think the main grotto is later - probably Edwardian but this awaits confirmation.

We have also uncovered part of the decorations to the south main grotto (D) which may also date from the 1860s.

The grotto and the other decoration were clearly additions to the pond. We are still very uncertain about the date of the latter. It has clearly been altered several times. The earliest stages including the chalk blocks may be 18th century but this view could alter as we uncover more.

Tomorrow we are planning to remove the remaining pond fill (F) and we should get to see the junction between the two areas of chalk block floor.

John Phillips

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