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Excavation at Honeywood
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Day 2 - Sunday 11th July 2010

We have made steady progress today.

The most significant finds have been in the rectangular pond where we have started to expose a chalk block floor at the south end. We knew that this existed from previous work but we have now found that the floor at the north end is different as it is made of stone other than chalk. The dating and significance of this is unclear.

Work has continued on trench A to the south of the pond. We have removed the gravel foundations of a path and have uncovered more of the brick wall or foundation we discovered yesterday. The significance of the wall is still unclear.

In trench C we have discovered the very rough floor of a 19th or early 20th century garden building by the north end of the rectangular pond.

John Phillips

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Bird's eye view Words of advice? Note the professionally stored gloves! The grotto after cleaning
The weir where the water enters the pond now cleared of vegetation Clearing the floor of the rectangular pond. Part of the floor is covered with chalk blocks which are still of uncertain date The round pond, showing the water inlet at the back
A well earned break Air-digging! Mike's best side!?
Today's technology at work whilst looking for 'yesterday' The grotto after cleaning Now; what on earth is that?
The above images are copyright Paul Williams -The images below are copyright Elizabeth Price
Derek washing the finds Pat in her usual role as washer woman! Excavating trench A
Chocolate cake and tea - it must be John's birthday again! The cill of the sluice at the exit from the rectangular pond Shells on the decorative water feature
Shells on the Edwardian water feature..... ..... being seen for the first time for many years A general view of part of the dig site
  How long do I have to hold this blessed stick for? Mike gets the measure!  


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