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Click on the link below for the proposed Design for the excavation - 872k:

 The Portionerís House in Beddington Park: Design for an excavation by Carshalton and District History and Archaeology Society, 2012

Location of the dig is shown HERE

Report 8 for 20 August 2012

We have excavated a lot more material from the cellars and in one are we have reached the bottom of the walls without finding a floor. This must have been robbed out when the house was demolished. We also finished clearing an area of cobbled floor and carried out a small investigation of the foundations of the back wall of the house.

Excavation has now stopped. If we excavate more there would undoubtedly be further finds, but we've done enough to achieve our objectives and it is now time to finish the recording and to think about what we have found.

The recording will take one or two more days and may produce more discoveries as we look at the structures in detail. After that it will be backfilling time.

* * * Piece of painted plaster with pattern * John Ede and Francesca
* Steve cleaning the wall      

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