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Click on the link below for the proposed Design for the excavation - 872k:

 The Portionerís House in Beddington Park: Design for an excavation by Carshalton and District History and Archaeology Society, 2012

Location of the dig is shown HERE

Report 6 for 18 August 2012

The site is gradually becoming more understandable as the excavation progresses. The south east corner of the trench seems to cover part of a cellar which we are gradually emptying. The walls are mostly stone although there is some brick. There is the site of steps which were been blocked off as part of some alteration to the house. We may have the site of the replacement steps but this is not yet clear.

I think the cellars are likely to be a 17th century addition to the house but this is still uncertain.

We have also found several mortar floors which were once covered with tiles. A couple of red floor tiles are still in place.

A second smaller trench has uncovered the gravel surface of yard. This was very well made with a thick layer of gravel and a chalk foundation under that. It looks like it was built for a tank but can never have had more than a horse and cart on it. We found a filled trench cutting though it. When we emptied the it we found a small brick drain. The trench had been dug to expose this, the drain roof had been removed and the trench filled. This seems a rather odd thing to do but the archaeological evidence for it was fairly clear.

Work will continue for a few more days although we are now doing less new digging and more recording.

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