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Click on the link below for the proposed Design for the excavation - 872k:

 The Portionerís House in Beddington Park: Design for an excavation by Carshalton and District History and Archaeology Society, 2012

Location of the dig is shown HERE

Report 4 for 16 August 2012

Another day of steady progress. We have uncovered more foundations but they still donít seem to make a lot of sense. We will be looking at some of them in detail over the next few days and hopefully things will become clearer.

We found another piece of the spotty tin glazed tile (see report 2). This is rather surprising as the tiles would have been expensive when new. The sort of thing that would be found in a major country house like Carew Manor but not in the relatively modest Portionerís house. When the first piece was found I thought it just a stray item which had, perhaps. come from Carew manor in a the top soil used to cover the site after the house was demolished. The new find was firmly in the demolition rubble so this is less likely. Maybe the tiles were reused in the Portionerís house. In the past materials tended to be expensive and labour cheap so the reuse of materials was common.

Work continues tomorrow.

* The Beddington ghoul? * Oh - hello John!! * Sue, John  and Steve * Many hands make.......
* Deeper and deeper * Sue, you've missed the kneeler! * Val Coleman washing up * More foundations uncovered

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