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VIP re-opening celebration - 29th May 2012

On a very warm evening, in a huge marquee in Honeywood's garden, a reception was held for the Heritage Lottery Fund team, the Mayor of Sutton, members of the design team, council staff associated with the the refurbishment, members of Sutton Arts Council, the committee of The Friends of Honeywood Museum and many other people of note.

The new Honeywood Museum sign
straddles Jane's pretty alpines
It won't be empty for long! The Museum: so pretty at dusk
Jane welcomes the guests for the ceremonies A special welcome from Elizabeth Price
(Museum Heritage Assistant)
Shirley and Tony Price can still laugh!
The long-awaited Tea Room
awaits its first customers
A serious moment for the VIPs - the Mayor,
Lord Tope and Wesley Kerr
Jacob, Phillip Simpson, Jane Allen
and Nicolette Hamilton
Mayor Sean Brennan, Angela Fletcher (Project Manager) and Lord Tope Angela Fletcher and Mike Bale 'smile'
for the camera whilst mingling
The Mayor has a bigger necklace!
Guests admire the paintings Jane talks shop with Mayor Sean Brennan Shirley Williams and Steve Morris
take a welcome break
Wesley Kerr of The Heritage Lottery Fund
tells of his enthusiasm for Honeywood
The Sutton Mayor addresses the guests Mike Bale (Chairman of the Friends of Honeywood Museum) talks of the Friends participation
Shirley Williams presents a bouquet of flowers
to Jane Howard (Curator)
Colin Beech and Jane Howard listen
to the remainder of Mike's speech
Lord Tope addresses the gathered crowd
The Mayor opens Honeywood Museum A window into a different world The boards attract intensive reading
Sue and John Horne on parade
in the Billiards Room
The Carshalton Room Visitors to the World War II Room
The Shop fills up..... ..... as does The Drawing Room The exhibits in the Drawing Room sparkle
The guests explore The North Corridor quote gets attention Val Murphy starts the till rolling
Join the Friends of Honeywood Museum
Our first customer for the new toys Sylvia Watts enjoys the hospitality  

All images and text on this page are
Copyright Paul Williams / The Friends of Honeywood Museum 2012

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